Wind Indicator / Wind Speed And Direction Transducer

Item No.: GS-HP/FSY
It has the advantages of light weight, small starting torque, low inertia, which can reflect the real information of wind.
Parameters Speed Direction
Threshold ≤0.4m/s ≤0.3m/s
Range 0~60 m/s 0~360°
Accuracy ±0.02V+0.3 ±3°
Resolution 0.1m/s
Working Temperature -40~+80℃
Working Humidity 0~100%RH
Supply Voltage DC12~24V
Power ≤50mW

Connection Definition
1Pin Red VCC(DC 12~24V+)
2Pin Green GND
3Pin Yellow Signal Of Wind Speed
4Pin Blue Signal Of Wind Direction
Convert Method
Wind Speed (m/s)= (Output Current(ma)-4ma)/16(ma)×60m/s
Wind Direction (°) = (Output Current (ma)-4ma)/16(ma)×360°
1).If the yellow line current is 12ma, then the wind speed is:
2).If the blue line current is 12ma,then the wind direction is:
(12-4)/16*360=180 °
This mean the wind is blowing from the South,and 0° mean the North,90° mean the East,270° mean the West.

Transportation, Preservation
1) During the course of transportation, attention should be paid to anti vibration and anti pressure;
2) Long term preservation in the package, the temperature shoud be -10 ~ 60 degrees Celsius;

After Service
1) In normal use, the damage caused by non external factors, without the premise of opening the shell without permission, manufacturers provide three months replacement, one year warranty service.
2) Users should pay attention to the protection of lightning protection, such as lightning or other damage caused by force majeure, manufacturers can only provide paid maintenance services.

Wind direction and degree table:
Position Center angle Angle Range
N 0 348.76~11.25
NNE 22.5 11.26~33.75
NE 45 33.76~56.25
ENE 67.5 56.26~78.75
E 90 78.76~101.25
ESE 112.5 101.26~123.75
SE 135 123.76~146.25
SSE 157.5 146.26~168.75
S 180 168.76~191.25
SSW 202.5 191.26~213.75
SW 225 213.76~236.25
WSW 247.5 236.26~258.75
W 270 258.76~281.25
WNW 292.5 281.26~303.75
NW 315 303.76~326.25
NNW 337.5 326.26~348.75
Dimension drawing (mm) 



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