Heliport Flashing Beacon Light

Item No.: GS-HP/B
1. High intensity aviation aluminum casting chassis, IP68;
2. Low power consumption and long life LED chip ;
3. PC material Lampshade,resist corrosion,anti UV,anti shock ;
4. Lightning and surge protection;
5. Photoswitch,lighting on/off automatic.
Type:                                                    GS-HP/B
Power Supply Frequency:                     50HZ~60HZ
Power voltage Optional:                         AC180V~ AC264V
Flash rate:                                            Flashing 4 times/2S
Average power consumption:                ≤20W
Service Life of the Light Source:           ≥10years
Emitting Color:                                      White
Overall Size(mm):                                 255mm×255mm×210mm
Installation Size(mm):                           Φ234mm x M8
IP Protection:                                       IP68
Ambient Temperature:                        -50℃~65℃
Net Weight:                                         4.8kg
Anti-Wind Ability:                                80m/s

Function & Features 
  1. The shell adopts high intensity aviation aluminum to cast, with full-seal structure.
  2. With CREE chip, which has the specific of high light intensity, low power consumption,long service life.
  3. Independent designed patent condensing lens, the field angle follow the standard of FAA,ICAO.
  4. Lamp shade adopts tempered PC material,which has strong ability of corrosion,anti-UV, anti-shock.
  5. With anti-surge protection device,it can adapt to extremely bad working environment.
  6. Adopts advanced technology of stoving varnish, which provide excellent heating dispersion, it can reduce the volume and weight of the light.
  7. Offer anti-shock,lighting protection,light fastness, rain and snow resistance function.
  8. With over-current protection function.

Usage notice 
  1. Don't use any out of nominal voltage,or will destroy equipment.
  2. Do not open it if the device is out of operation, in order not to be hurt by the internal high pressure.
  3. After finished the installation, the personnel must check whether the device is in a good waterproof processing and whether the screw spikes are tightened.
  4. Non-professional workers can not do the device maintenance, so as not to expand the error and be hurt.


Dimension drawing 



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