Aviation Obstruction Light Case
Zhangjiakou Iron Tower Medium Intensity Obstacle Lamp Project in China
A Iron Tower project in Zhangjiakou,China, installed our medium intensity type A obstacle lamp, this lamp has 2000cd light intensity at night, 20000cd light intensity at daytime, w...
Shanxi Wind Tower Solar Aviation Obstacle Light Project
A Wind Tower project in Shanxi, China, installed our solar energy aviation obstacle Lights, the solar panel is separate from the lamp, it is better to charge the sun energy.
Medium Intensity Obstruction Light Project on Brindisi, Italy
On Brindisi of Italy, a block installed our medium intensity aviation obstruction light, this light has dual power supply: solar and DC48V, and it with dry contact alarm function.
Kenya Construction Site Solar Warning Lights Project
One construction site project from Kenya installed our solar aviation warning lights, it is easy to install and lighting ON/OFF automatic.
High Building Medium intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light Project in Xinjiang China
A high building in Xinjiang of China installed our medium intensity type A aviation obstruction light, the light is working very well in -30 degrees of the cold and snowy environme...
Solar Dual Obstacle Light Project of A High-rise Building in London UK
A high-rise building in London UK installed our solar dual obstacle lights, this light has the solar panel and good quality battery built in, and it has 5 kinds of working modes fo...
Tower Obstacle Lamp Project Near Mudan Airport in Heze, Shandong Province
A tower project near Mudan airport in Heze, Shandong province, installed our obstacle lamps,these lamps flash red, alert the aircraft to protect the tower.
Costa Rica Iron Tower Aviation Light Project
Costa Rica iron tower use our low intensity single and dual aviation obstruction lights.
Yunnan Medium Intensity Obstruction Light Project
A top of the housing in Yunnan installed our medium intensity obstruction light, which with GPS sync lighting function.
Inner Mongolia Chimney Aviation Obstacle Light Project
Inner Mongolia chimney project installed our medium intensity aviation obstacle Light, the lights are working perfect!
Spain Agricultural Machine Warning Light Project
Our aviation warning lighting had new application.
South Africa Iron Tower Solar Powered Obstruction Light Project
South Africa iron tower project installed our low intensity solar powered obstruction light.
Costa Rica Iron Tower Solar Obstacle Lamp Project
Costa Rica iron tower use our low intensity solar aviation obstruction lights.
China Obstruction Light Project
Green Source offers the aviation obstruction light to many aircraft warning projects in China, like high buiding warning project, tower warning project,crane warning project...
Taiwan Iron Tower Warning Light Project
Taiwan iron tower project use our solar powered low intensity obstruction lights, they tested on long distance, the lights are very brightness.
Vietnam Vinh Tan Thermal Plant Obstacle Light Project
Vietnam Vinh Tan Thermal Plant Project Installing Our High Intensity Aviation Obstacle Waning Lights 4 Units And Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Lights 12 Units.
Kuala Lumpur Tower High Intensity Obstruction Lighting Project
Kuala Lumpur tower, 515 meters above sea level, is the tallest tower in southeast Asia. It is mainly used as a communication tower and is open to visitors. The tower top installed ...
Inner Mongolia Yimin Power Plant Obstacle Light Project
When yimin power plant in Inner Mongolia completed, they installed our high intensity type A aviation obstacle light on the chimney.
Sutong Bridge Obstruction Light Project
Sutong bridge, located between nantong city and suzhou city in eastern jiangsu province, is 32.4 kilometers long.When completed, it was the largest and most complex super-large bri...
Vietnam Thermal Power Plant Obstacle Light Project
In 2013, Vietnam thermal power plant was established, we provided medium intensity type B aviation obstacle light for it.
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