Aviation Warning Lights Project in Shenzhen,China
A project in Longgang, Shenzhen, has installed our medium intensity type A and type B aviation warning lights, which are respectively installed on the roof and in the middle of the...
Obstruction Light Chimney Project in Gansu Province
A chimney project in Gansu province, China, installed our high intensity, medium intensity and low intensity obstruction lights. The lights have red color and white color, install...
Solar Navigation Lantern Project in Kendari Sulawesi Islands,Indonesia
Our solar navigation lantern have been installed in a project on Kendari Sulawesi island, Indonesia. The visibility can reach more than 7 nautical miles, and 350 kinds of lights ca...
State Grid Warning Sphere Ball Project in Guangyuan,Sichuan
The state grid 220 kV line project in Guangyuan,Sichuan province, has installed nearly 400 warning balls of our company. The diameter of the warning balls is 600mm, and the colors ...
Aviation Obstacle Light Project of Lijiang Airport in Yunnan, China
Lijiang Airport in Yunnan, China installed our low intensity aviation obstacle lights, this model approved by CAAC, it with certification and high quality.
Zhangjiakou Iron Tower Medium Intensity Obstacle Lamp Project in China
A Iron Tower project in Zhangjiakou,China, installed our medium intensity type A obstacle lamp, this lamp has 2000cd light intensity at night, 20000cd light intensity at daytime, w...
Shanxi Wind Tower Solar Aviation Obstacle Light Project
A Wind Tower project in Shanxi, China, installed our solar energy aviation obstacle Lights, the solar panel is separate from the lamp, it is better to charge the sun energy.
Solar Vane Project of a Factory in Vientiane, Laos
Our solar vane is installed on the roof of a factory in Vientiane, capital of Laos. This vane does not need to be connected to electricity, the solar energy and battery automatica...
Medium Intensity Obstruction Light Project on Brindisi, Italy
On Brindisi of Italy, a block installed our medium intensity aviation obstruction light, this light has dual power supply: solar and DC48V, and it with dry contact alarm function.
Indonesia Batam Island Buoy Lantern Project
Indonesia Batam Island installed some buoys, this project used our 5NM solar marine lanterns on the buoys.
Kenya Construction Site Solar Warning Lights Project
One construction site project from Kenya installed our solar aviation warning lights, it is easy to install and lighting ON/OFF automatic.
Helipad in a Resort Hotel -Bangladesh
A resort hotel in Bangladesh installed our helipad lighting system, the system includes: Tiedown anchors Beacon light LED flood lights TLOF lights Approach lights Wind speed...
High Building Medium intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light Project in Xinjiang China
A high building in Xinjiang of China installed our medium intensity type A aviation obstruction light, the light is working very well in -30 degrees of the cold and snowy environme...
A Heliport in Chongming District, Shanghai
A Heliport in Chongming District, Shanghai, used our helipad lighting system, which includes: Windsock, wind speed and direction transducer,LED flood light, green perimeter light,...
A Private Helipad in Northern Ireland, UK
A Private Helipad in Northern Ireland, UK, installed our helipad inset primeter green lights and helipad beacon.
Solar Dual Obstacle Light Project of A High-rise Building in London UK
A high-rise building in London UK installed our solar dual obstacle lights, this light has the solar panel and good quality battery built in, and it has 5 kinds of working modes fo...
Yulin Airport Obstacle Lights Project
Guangxi of China Yulin Airport installed our agent of low intensity obstacle lights, the lights approved by China civil aviation certification, the quality is very reliable!
A Command Center Roof Heliport Lighting Project in Shandong of China
A command center heliport in Shandong of China installed our heliport lights, inlcudes: heliport inset lights, heliport perimeter lights, heliport flood lights, wind cone, obstr...
Roof Apron Helipad Lights of Shenyang Zhongzhi Building
Zhongzhi Building which located on Shenyang of China installed our helipad lights: helipad green lights, helipad flood lights, helipad guidance lights, and obstruction lights, and ...
Shenzhen Chiwan Port Solar Beacon Light Project
Shenzhen Chiwan Port installed our solar beacon light, this beacon with two solar panels and the high quality Li-ion battery built in, the viusal range can reach 6NM.
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