Indonesia Lighthouse Beacon Replace Project
Indonesia lighthouse project installed our solar powered beacon lights to replace the old beacons, 5~10NM visual range, Red beacon and Green beacon. Easy installation,maintenance-f...
Suzhou Taihu Wetland Solar Buoy Light Project
Taihu Wetland in Suzhou of China, use our solar marine lights on their buoys, this model is smart and easy installation, can emmitting five colors.
Port of San Fransisco Buoy Projects
Early this year,Our end user from San Fransisco install our solar buoy navigation lantern 6-10NM range, this product can be customized many functions such as GPS sync flash,GPS loc...
Costa Rica Iron Tower Aviation Light Project
Costa Rica iron tower use our low intensity single and dual aviation obstruction lights.
UK Flying Academy Heliport Runway Light Project
UK flying academy heliport install 40 units of our solar runway boundary lights and runway cut-off lights.
Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge Solar Navigation Light Project
Qingdao Jiaozhou bay bridge project install our solar navigation light , the light has 4pcs solar panels, lead-acid battery built in, visual range can reach 10NM, the lights with G...
Korea Gyeonggi do Solar Marine Beacon Lights Project
Our 3nm solar marine beacon lights were installed on floating buoys for sea channel aids to navigation in Gyeonggi do, Korea in September 2020, which is with yellow color and flas...
Yunnan Medium Intensity Obstruction Light Project
A top of the housing in Yunnan installed our medium intensity obstruction light, which with GPS sync lighting function.
Roof Apron Boundary Light Project
A roof apron project in China used our helicopter boundary light, the lights are elevated type and emitting green color.
Inner Mongolia Chimney Aviation Obstacle Light Project
Inner Mongolia chimney project installed our medium intensity aviation obstacle Light, the lights are working perfect!
Pakistan Heliport Circle & H Lights Project
Pakistan heliport project used our circle & H lights, the circle light emitting yellow color, the H light emitting green color.
Iran Solar Powered Marine Navigation Light Project
Our 6nm Integrated Design Solar Marine Marker Lights With Red Flashing Mode Are Used In Iranian Maritime Space.
Spain Agricultural Machine Warning Light Project
Our aviation warning lighting had new application.
South Africa Iron Tower Solar Powered Obstruction Light Project
South Africa iron tower project installed our low intensity solar powered obstruction light.
Shenzhen Heliport Beacon Project
Shenzhen heliport use our 3 colors beacon light.
Costa Rica Iron Tower Solar Obstacle Lamp Project
Costa Rica iron tower use our low intensity solar aviation obstruction lights.
China Obstruction Light Project
Green Source offers the aviation obstruction light to many aircraft warning projects in China, like high buiding warning project, tower warning project,crane warning project...
China Heliport Projects
Green Source did many heliport projects in China, offers a full set of solutions on a heliport project.
Taiwan Iron Tower Warning Light Project
Taiwan iron tower project use our solar powered low intensity obstruction lights, they tested on long distance, the lights are very brightness.
Solar Powered Marine Lantern Projects
We have provided our solar powered marine lanterns to many projects.
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