Helipad Lighting Case
Solar Vane Project of a Factory in Vientiane, Laos
Our solar vane is installed on the roof of a factory in Vientiane, capital of Laos. This vane does not need to be connected to electricity, the solar energy and battery automatica...
Helipad in a Resort Hotel -Bangladesh
A resort hotel in Bangladesh installed our helipad lighting system, the system includes: Tiedown anchors Beacon light LED flood lights TLOF lights Approach lights Wind speed...
A Heliport in Chongming District, Shanghai
A Heliport in Chongming District, Shanghai, used our helipad lighting system, which includes: Windsock, wind speed and direction transducer,LED flood light, green perimeter light,...
A Private Helipad in Northern Ireland, UK
A Private Helipad in Northern Ireland, UK, installed our helipad inset primeter green lights and helipad beacon.
Yulin Airport Obstacle Lights Project
Guangxi of China Yulin Airport installed our agent of low intensity obstacle lights, the lights approved by China civil aviation certification, the quality is very reliable!
A Command Center Roof Heliport Lighting Project in Shandong of China
A command center heliport in Shandong of China installed our heliport lights, inlcudes: heliport inset lights, heliport perimeter lights, heliport flood lights, wind cone, obstr...
Roof Apron Helipad Lights of Shenyang Zhongzhi Building
Zhongzhi Building which located on Shenyang of China installed our helipad lights: helipad green lights, helipad flood lights, helipad guidance lights, and obstruction lights, and ...
CAAC Certificated Beacon Light Project
A large helipad in China uses our medium intensity type B aviation obstacle light, which has passed CAAC certification, and all aspects of the product performance has reached high ...
The North of England Hospital Helipad Project
The North of England Hospital Helipad Project installed our LED flood lights. This flood light adopts full sealed aluminum shell. Protection standard is IP65.
UK Flying Academy Heliport Runway Light Project
UK flying academy heliport install 40 units of our solar runway boundary lights and runway cut-off lights.
Roof Apron Boundary Light Project
A roof apron project in China used our helicopter boundary light, the lights are elevated type and emitting green color.
Pakistan Heliport Circle & H Lights Project
Pakistan heliport project used our circle & H lights, the circle light emitting yellow color, the H light emitting green color.
Shenzhen Heliport Beacon Project
Shenzhen heliport use our 3 colors beacon light.
China Heliport Projects
Green Source did many heliport projects in China, offers a full set of solutions on a heliport project.
Indonesia helipad project
One project of helipad from Indonesia used our lights,client very satified !
Bangladesh Dacca Helipad Project
One of a high building at Bangladesh Dacca installed a helipad, this project used our helipad lights.
Helipad Lighting Projects
We provide complete set of special lighting fixtures and solutions for many helipads around the world.
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