Heliport Lighting Constant Current Regulator CCR

Item No.: GS-HP/CCR
1.Easy to install and operate;
2. Maximum output 5000W;
3.Power drive circuit with over current and open circuit protection;
4.Internal with cooling system, reliable operation.
Type:                                    GS-HP/CCR
Input Voltage:                        180~265V AC
Input Frequency:                    47 - 63 Hz
Output Electrics Current:          2.8 - 6.6 A
Brightness Adjustment:            5 levels
Electrics current accuracy:       <± 0.05A
Electrics current stability:         <3%
Maximum output power:            5000 W
Power factor:                          >0.9
Operation noise:                      28x18x10.8
Use temperature:                    0 - 55 °C
Overall size:                           45 x 65 x 120 cm
Net Weight:                           45 Kg

1.Simplified design, easy to install and operate;
2.Suitable for small airports, heliport light constant current regulator, optional mini type for temporary airport lighting regulator;
3.The maximum output power can be 5000W, which can drive all kinds of navigation signal lights in the heliport;
4.2.8A-6.6A, 5 levels of brightness, electrics current accuracy <± 0.05A;
5.Power drive circuit with over current and open circuit protection;
6.The output current of each light level can be manually adjusted, and the current difference is <3%;
7.Input voltage: 180V-265V, can self adapt to the input frequency of 47 to 63Hz;
8.The front panel photocell directly displays the current, which is visible and convenient to operate;
9.Internal with cooling system, reliable operation.

Attention/ Usage Tips 
1.Don't use out of standard voltage, or will destroy the device.
2.Do not open it if the device is out of operation, in order not to be hurt by the internal high pressure.
3.After finished the installation, the personnel must check whether the device is in a good waterproof processing and whether the screw spikes are tightened.
4.Non-professional workers can not do the device maintenance, so as not to expand the error and be hurt.

Various type of helipads, small airports, military training airports,
Output current is 2.8-6.6AA





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