Heliport / Helipad VHF Controller

Item No.: GS-HP/VHF
1. SUS304 stainless steel material;
2. Waterproof structure;
3. VHF integrated The type controller does not need external control equipment to realize unattended operation, and pilots can control the airport lights through ground-air communication equip
Model: GS-HP/VHF
Power Supply : AC220V ±10%
Communication frequency 118136.992MHZ
Power Supply Frequency : 50HZ60HZ
Power Consumption 25W
Maximum Load :5KW
Antenna communication line length :10 meters
Antenna length :≥2 meters with ground net
Communication distance :20-70 km
Radio function :The working frequency can be adjusted in real time, and it has a frequency display function, a transmission function, and professional accessories can realize aviation intercom communication
Optional customization function Mobile app remote control function, 10 km ground remote control function, 485 / 232 communication function, status monitoring function, artificial stepless dimming function, VHF remote dimming function.
Overall Size :700mm×450mm×1560mm
Installation Size :450mm×300mm×M10
IP Standard :IP65
Ambient Temperature :-40℃~+70
Weight :85kg
Anti-wind Ability :80m/s

1. SUS 304 stainless steel cover, adapt to all kinds of bad environment places.
Working stable, provide strong ability of anti-interference, anti-shock.
With current and voltage display function, delay setting function, dual power switch function,emergency stop function, manual and automatic function, button with indicator display function.
Customized to choose mobile phone APP remote control function, 10 kilometers ground remote control function, 485/232 communication function, status monitoring function, manual stepless dimming function, VHF remote dimming function.
The best control distance can reach 20-70 kilometers.Built-in professional aviation radio,users can adjust the working frequency of 118MHZ-136.992MHZ, the panel has a display screen to display the current working frequency in real time, and professional accessories can also be selected to realize aviation voice intercom function.
Built-in perfect lightning protection, over-current, short-circuit protection functions, and internal CPU core control board, so that all operating buttons are human-safe voltage.

Attention/ Usage Tips 
1. It is strictly prohibited to use AC or DC power sources other than the rated voltage.
The antenna must be erected in an open area, with a height of 2 meters or more, and there must be no metal objects higher than the antenna within a diameter of 10 meters.
The communication distance will vary according to the degree of interference in the on-site environment. This manual is the measured communication distance in the test environment. The
actual distance is subject to the on-site debugging results.
4. The installer must close the controller safety lock after the operation is completed, otherwise it will cause water to enter the controller or personal safety will be affected.

All kinds Heliports, Emergency rescue airports, Armed police, Army and hospital helipads



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