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Wind Cone / Wind Sock

Item No.: GS-HP/W
This product is used to provide visual surface wind direction and velocity information to pilots in helicopters over the final approach and take-off areas. Comply with FAA, AC150/5345-27C,L-806 and ICAO.
Optional Supply Voltage:                         DC12V, AC120V, AC220V
Ambient Temperature:                             -40℃~85℃
Ambient Humidity:                                    ≤95%
Altitude:                                                   ≤4500m
IP Protection:                                           IP 65
Mast Material:                                          SUS 304 stainless steel
Lighting Source of Flood Light:                  LED
Light Source Type of Obstruction Light:      LED
Height:                                                     Customized
Chassis Installation Size:                          350mm×M20×6PCS
Diameter:                                                 Customized
Maximum Design Wind Speed:                   260Km/h
Quantity of Flood Light:                             Optional
Wind Sock Material:                                   PVC

Function & Features 
  1. Wind cone adopts PVC rain-proof material that resist corrosion and high temperature .
  2.  Wind cone’s illuminate adopts high power LED flood Light ,LED flood light has advantage of long service life,saving power,high light intensity,which can reduce the cost of maintain in the future.
  3. Entirety structure adopts SU304 stainless steel ,which resist corrosion ,light weight.
  4. Can be put down and reduce the maintenance time.
  5. The top adopts a long service life low intensity aviation obstruction light, which makes this entire wind cone’s service life meet the advance international level.

Usage notice 
  1. Don't use out of standard supply voltage, or will destroy the device.
  2. Windsock installation must be in a horizontal position.can use the spirit level to measure.
  3. The windsock used for outdoor,belong to the loss of accessories, do not regularly check and maintenance.
  4. Do not open it if the device is out of operation, in order not to be hurt by the internal high pressure.
  5. After finished the installation, the personnel must check whether the screw spikes are tightened.
  6. Non-professional workers can not do the device maintenance, so as not to expand the error and be hurt.

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