Solar Warning Light For No Access Zone/Dangerous Isolation Zone

Item No.: GS-JC/B
The product can be applied to airport/heliport construction zone, dangerous zone, no access zone for warning.
Type:                          GS-JC/B
Power Supply:               4 Groups Solar Pannel
Power Supply Frequency:  24W
Battery Voltage:             12V
Batterty Capacity:          9AH
Battery Type:                Airport special battery
Battery Service Life:       ≥5 years
Endurance Ability/Wet Weather:    ≥20days
Average Power Consumption:        ≤3W
Working Mode:                Steady Burning
Emiting Color:                 Red or other
Horizontal angle:             360°
LED service Life:             ≥20years
Overall Size:                 ¢229mm×196mm×368mm
Installation Size:           ¢130mm×M10 with 4 mounting hole
IP Standard:                 IP68
Endurance Working Temperature:    -55℃ ℃~ ~70℃ ℃
Net Weight:                 7.8Kg
Humidity:                    < 95%
Altitude:                     < 4500M

Function & Features 
  1. Integrated Structure design , easily to install and remove.
  2. Come with easy-to-fall protection.
  3. Working stability, strong anti-interference ability and shock resistance.
  4. Full sealed structure base, with superior waterproof performance.
  5. Adopt imported high power LED light source, which has the specific of high light brightness, and long service life.
  6. Remote control function optional.
  7. Patented optical structure design.

Usage notice 
  1. Don't use any out of nominal voltage,or will destroy equipment.
  2. Do not open it if the device is out of operation, in order not to be hurt by the internal high pressure.
  3. After finished the installation, the personnel must check whether the device is in a good waterproof processing and whether the screw spikes are tightened.
  4. Non-professional workers can not do the device maintenance, so as not to expand the error and be hurt.

I II III Airport, Heliport and Any construction port.

Dimension drawing 



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