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1~10NM DC Powered Navigation Beacon Light

Item No.: GS-HD-155
1.Integrated design,DC power supply;
2.High tech control chip, marine-grade special material shell;
3.Special LED chip, high light intensity, low power consumption;
4. PC lampshade, corrosion resistance, anti-UV and anti-shock.
Name Parameter
Model GS-HD-155
Power Supply DC12-48V, DC2.5-15V
Optional Emitting Light Colors Red, Amber Yellow, Green, Blue, White
Visual Range 1~10NM
Light Source Life >100000 hours
Light Source LED
Vertical Divergence >8°
Horizontal Out-put 360°
Overall Size(mm) D240mm×310mm
Installation Size(mm) 175~205mm×M16×4/3pcs
Working temperature -40℃~70℃
Storage temperature -40℃~70℃
Storage temperature 2.1KG
Wind-speed Ability 80m/s
Sun Switch Illumination Threshold      300LUX±100LUX

  1. Photocell can switch ON/OFF the light in rainy days or at night automatically.
  2. Standardization of optical design, high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
  3. Adopts special customized LED chip,transfer efficiency and service life is higher than normal LED.
  4. Provide ability of lightning protection, light fastness, resist snow and rain.
  5. Wide voltage input range, can automatically adapt to various power supply occasions.
  6. No radio frequency, no electromagnetic interference.
  7. Steady working, low cost.

Usage notice 
1.Please read the instruction carefully and then use the device correctly.
2.Solar powered marine lantern must be installed in a sunny place to keep it working continuously.
3.Please install this light on the Installation plane that perpendicular to light axis, installation plane should has mechanical strength.
4.If the device fails to work at the first using time, please place the device under sunlight to recharge power 12hours, it will work.
5.Please turn off the device and put it in a dry place, to ensure the life of the battery.please put it in a sunlight for 5day(s) to recharge power each 3 months if it needs to be stored for a long time.
6.If there any other problem please contact us.

Sea buoy
River way
Shore beacon
Fixed light pile
Oil field

Dimension Drawing 


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