Solar Powered Aerodrome LED Beacon Light

Item No.: GS-JC/DB
It can send out an omnidirectional white light signal at night or during the day with low visibility to clearly indicate the location of the airport.
Model GS-JC/DB
Power Supply Solar powered supply
Solar panel power 24W
Battery voltage 12V
Battery capacity 14AH
Battery type Lead-acid battery
Battery life 3~5 years
Average Power Consumption    ≥2W
Wireless Control Distance The best distance is 5~10KM, with repeater 10~20KM
Working Mode Flash
Emitted color White
Horizontal Beam Angle 360°
Dimming level Comply with military standard
Light Source Service Life ≥20 years
Overall Size 522mm×522mm×472mm
Installation Size ¢160mm×M12
IP Protection IP65
Ambient Temperature -20℃~60℃
Weight 6.4KG
Humidity <95%
Altitude <4500M
Standard Comply to ICAO Annex 14, FAA  AC 150/5345-46B

Function & Features 
  1. Built-in integrated solar charging function, with perfect protection circuit, can be used in military radar for a long time,work stably under radiation and radio radiation.
  2. 4X6W omnidirectional solar charging, suitable for various installation occasions.An external toggle power switch and reset switch are designed at the bottom of the product.
  3. An external toggle power switch and reset switch are designed at the bottom of the product.
  4. Fully sealed structure, and 4 waterproof structure bolts, waterproof performance up to IP65.
  5. The single-chip microcomputer control circuit combined with the constant current control system has an overall design life of more than 10 years.
  6. Wireless remote control function, 3 or 5 level dimming function, realize remote control, best with repeater, It can reach more than 20 kilometers.

Usage notice 
1.It is strictly forbidden to use it in a high temperature environment above 80°C, and do not short-circuit or crush the internal battery, otherwise it will cause fire or explosion.
2. The solar navigation light must be installed in a sunny place to ensure continuous operation of the solar light.
3. If the product is not used for more than 3 months, please charge it regularly in the sun, otherwise the battery may be damaged.
4. Please install the anti-dropping cord if necessary after the product is installed. If the anti-dropping device is not installed, remove the broken lamp accessories in time during use, otherwise there will be great safety hazards and flight accidents.
Class I,II,III airports, Various General Aviation Airports, Combat Readiness Airports, Heliport

Dimension drawing 


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