Bridge Pier Light / Culvert Light

Bridge culvert lamp/bridge pillar lamp is a kind of navigation AIDS lamp mainly used on Bridges, indicating navigable passage for ships under the bridge, and reducing the possibility of collision with bridge piers or bridge superstructure, so as to ensure

1. High quality PC base, overall beautiful and generous, good heat dissipation performance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance.

2. The brightness of the light source can be adjusted. The brightness of the bridge column lamp can be adjusted according to the size of the bridge.

3. The lamp appliance has anti-connection protection, even if the operation is wrong, it will not damage the lamp appliance.

4. The radiant area of the light source is wide.

5. IP67 waterproof level.

Function & Features 

1. The light source adopts advanced high brightness LED patch lamp bead, which is characterized by high brightness, stable light color, long life and good environmental adaptability.

2. The base is made of high quality PC material, which is beautiful and generous and durable.Equipped with high efficiency transparent glass lamp surface, so that the light of the lamp is stronger, the radiation distance is longer.The whole lamp is packaged according to the high standard technology, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, can be used for a long time in the natural harsh environment.

3. The bridge and culvert lights are usually red, and the bridge pillar lights are usually green. In addition, the supporting control system has a light sensing controller, that is, it will automatically open and close at night and in foggy days, with strong reliability.

4. The lamp has the advantages of high brightness, small size, light weight and easy installation.

Usage notice 

1. Install the lamp on the vertical mounting surface, the mounting surface should be smooth and have sufficient mechanical strength, and be fixed with M14 screws.

2. The control box equipped with this lamp is connected with an automatic photoelectric switch. When the ambient illumination is high, the bridge and culvert column light will not light up.

3. This type of bridge and culvert mark is usually not directly connected to the mains power. If the mains power 220V is directly used on the bridge pillar light on the pier, the switching circuit or transformer is also a component with a high failure rate.

4. The 220V municipal power can be connected to the safety power control box of bridge and culvert column and converted into 12V DC as the power supply of bridge and culvert column lights.Considering DC line loss step-down, bridge power supply line selection 24V DC power supply, short line or small bridge can choose 12V DC power supply.This scheme is rarely used.

5. Bridge and culvert standard lamps and lanterns can be used together with solar energy system.The bridge and culvert column lamp, solar energy system equipment, control box together integrated use.It can effectively solve the complicated connection and line safety problems, and this scheme has high security. At present, this scheme is widely used on Bridges.



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